An introduction to wildlife


Chasing the light

Warm turquoise shallow seas, sun-kissed beaches and undulating landscapes filled with fragrant herbs, sunflowers and lavender. This is the Provence people swarm to see, following in the footsteps of those great artists before them, Van Gogh, Picasso, Matisse and C├ęzanne. The latter obsessed with the light falling on Mont Saint-Victoire painted it endlessly.

Health Benefits

Reconnect with nature

The benefits of reconnecting with nature and what that does for our health and mental well-being are widely documented now. The aim here is to provide an introduction to wildlife. All the tools, knowledge, information and downloadable material are provided to assist you.

Take a tumble

A parallel universe waiting to be uncovered

In our modern hectic times it takes some effort to tune into your surroundings. When you slow down and look deeper into the world around, you can tumble, like Alice, down the rabbit hole into a parallel universe. A world full of bejewelled creatures of unbelievable iridescence and vibrant colour. Spot camouflaged or stealthy, colour-shifting assassins lurking in the wings. Every day’s a fight for survival.

Rabbit Hole

Go and find one.

Drink me

Where will your tumble take you?