azure jewel

azure jewel

1st Marine Park

What might you see when you get there

Terrestrial species:
Mammals: 12 species including 7 bats
Birds: 177 species including 26 breeders
Reptiles: 6 species
Amphibians: 2 species
Invertebrates: Coleoptera 248 species
Orthoptera 34 species
Hymenoptera 25 species
Lepidoptera 248 species
Odonata 17 species
Arachnids 232 species
Molluscs 17 species

Marine species:
Fish: 180 species
Shellfish: 265
Sponges: 92 species
Echinoderms: 53 species
Molluscs: 173 species


These include the often overlooked species like spiders, cicadas and mantis and crickets.

Marine Invertebrates

These include the likes of corals, but also some colourful and bizarre looking creatures.


Various shapes, sizes and colours abound and divers look out for the iconic Dusky Grouper.

Reptiles & Amphibians

These include, frogs toads, snakes, lizards and geckos. It is also home to Hermann’s tortoises.


A great mixture of land, shore and sea going species that all come together in the spring.


Mammals are generally scarce on islands, but the park also includes some mainland coastline.

Whale of a time

The jewels in the crown, the marine mammals

Get the kids to put down their PlayStations and watch cetaceans.

Discover all about whales and dolphins on our Pelagos page, including where and when to watch them.

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